What type of computer do you own?

Answer compaq windows xp

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How do I connect two Type II cards in a PCMCIA Type III slot on a laptop computer?

Insert the 68-pin edge of the first Type II card into the top half of the Type III adapter slot. Push the card in until the connector clicks, and the ejector lever pops up.Insert the second Type II... Read More »

I would like to buy my elderly mother a computer. she has never looked at a computer before. She can type.?

Get her an mac, they are so user friendly, and they just work.…

How do I make the computer type what I say?

I don't have the answer, but i starred ur question and will be back later to find out myself.

What type of computer for a CCNA Lab?

build a cheap XP machine. You'll need a hyper term to connect so anything like Putty or SecureCRT or even the standard Hyper Term that comes with XP will sufficeI don't recall if that router can ha... Read More »