What type of colony was New Hampshire?

Answer New Hampshire was a royal province of the English colonies, first settled in 1623. Among the first settlers were two London fish merchants, Edward and Thomas Hilton, who established New Hampshire a... Read More »

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What was the predominant religion in new hampshire colony?

Much like several other New England colonies, the religious practices of the New Hampshire colony were predominantly based on Puritan beliefs. The established Protestant churches in the region were... Read More »

What was the official religion of the New Hampshire colony?

In the beginning, the founding fathers established the Protestant sect of Christianity as the official religion of the colony of New Hampshire, which disallowed persons of other faiths from running... Read More »

What was the purpose of the original New Hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire colony was originally established as a fishing colony at the mouth of the Piscatagua River. New Hampshire was founded under the direction of a land grant in 1623.References:State ... Read More »

Who discovered the New Hampshire colony?

The land that would become the New Hampshire colony, was included in a grant of land in 1622 to Sir Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason. The first settlement in New Hampshire was started in 1623.Sourc... Read More »