What type of collateral do i need for a loan?

Answer On One Hand: Most Personal Assets Can Be Used as CollateralAccording to Bank Hunting, any assets used to secure a loan fall into four categories: deprecating collateral (for example, automobiles an... Read More »

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What is a collateral loan?

A collateral loan means that the borrower has pledged some type of property as security for the loan. Examples of collateral loans are auto loans and mortgage loans. The terms can vary from lender ... Read More »

What Is a Cross Collateral Loan?

Cross-collateral loans serve a variety of purposes, ranging from allowing families to move into larger homes as they grow to providing investors the chance to use the equity in their property to ex... Read More »

What do i use as collateral (security) on a secured loan?

On One Hand: Homes and Cars, Stocks and BondsHouses and automobiles are the most common forms of collateral for secured loans, according to ZeroMillion. Denver Business Journal adds that you can al... Read More »

What can you use as collateral on a personal loan through a bank?

For a personal (nonbusiness) loan, common types of collateral include homes or other real estate, cars or other motor vehicles, life insurance policies that have a cash value, stock certificates, c... Read More »