What type of clothes are slimming?

Answer Skinny jeans and Tshirts slim you a lot! The skinny jeans usually show off some curves but they also take away some extra space that baggy pants have. Despite what some people say they are comforta... Read More »

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How to Wear Slimming Clothes?

Looking thinner doesn't always mean you need to go on a diet. There are a few things you can do with your wardrobe in order to look up to 10lbs lighter!

How to Look Thinner With Slimming Clothes?

Your body can look thinner with slimming fashions. Without having to exercise often, you can appear to have lost 15 lb. just through fashion tricks. Wearing tops that flatter your torso or sporting... Read More »

What type of clothes did Gladiators wear?

They wore greaves (leg armour), a helmet, sandals, and leather clothe. Carried a gladius (straight sward) and and scutum (rectangular shield).

What type of clothes did the hopi indians wear?

The Hopi Indians are a Native American tribe of what is now the southwestern United States. Their clothing evolved through many centuries of rocky desert dwelling. It typically highlights conservat... Read More »