What type of citrus trees grow well in Zone 9?

Answer I believe and am hoping the Red Naval grows OK in Zone 9. Also certain lemon tress and Satsuma tangerine is said to grow in Zone 9. I have the same problem and am experimenting and planting with cr... Read More »

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How to Grow Citrus Trees in a Greenhouse?

In some environments, extreme heat or frost can make it difficult to plant a thriving citrus tree. When the weather does not permit citrus tree growing, it is still possible to grow a hearty citrus... Read More »

Do citrus fruits grow on trees?

Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and limes grow on trees, which are evergreens. Because most citrus trees do not grow well on their root systems, they are usually grafted or budded onto othe... Read More »

How do i grow citrus trees in the midwest?

PreparationGrow citrus trees as potted plants in the Midwest. Choose dwarf citrus trees to maintain a smaller size, while still maintaining a fruit harvest. Choose from lemon, lime, orange or grape... Read More »

How do I grow citrus trees indoors?

Select the Right VarietyDo not try to grow full sized citrus trees inside. It will become too large and will need constant repotting. Select a dwarf variety instead.Daily CareKeep your indoor citru... Read More »