What type of chocolate do you like most?

Answer Milk chocolate.=)

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Which type of Chocolate..... do you like?

My favorite has to be dark chocolate. Not only does it have that dark, rich, luscious color, it has the most amazing taste. Stronger than your ordinary milk chocolate, the flavor stays in your mo... Read More »

Is there a type of chocolate pizza?

Actually, yes. At Cici's pizza they have dessert pizzas--apple cinnamon and chocolate. I had cherry dessert pizza somewhere once also.

Which type of chocolate melts faster?

There are many different types of chocolates to cook with, from semisweet to white to dark. Milk and white chocolates are the most heat sensitive. White chocolate, however, melts the fastest, as it... Read More »

Whats Your Favorite type chocolate bar?

It used to be "Fry's Chocolate Cream" but I thinks it's now got the Cadbury label on it - either way it's white fondant covered in dark chocolate ! ! !