What type of chemical bond does H2O have?

Answer Polar covalent bonds exist between the oxygen atom and the hydrogen atoms in water (H2O). These bonds result from the unequal sharing of the electrons between the hydrogen atom and oxygen atoms ind... Read More »

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What type of bonding of a chemical compound does chlorine have?

The element chlorine uses both types of chemical bonding: ionic and covalent, depending on the other atoms nearby. For example, chlorine undergoes ionic chemical bonding with sodium to create molec... Read More »

Does a type K fire extinguisher contain wet or dry chemical?

A type K fire extinguisher is filled with wet chemicals. Using the correct fire extinguisher plays a role in the success of putting out a fire. Type K fire extinguishers are generally used for kitc... Read More »

What type of bond is glucose?

Glucose is a monosaccharide sugar, containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These elements join to form covalent bonds, which means the electrons in their outermost energy levels are shared. Covalen... Read More »

How to Study the Nature of the Chemical Bond (Chemistry)?

This article discusses how to study the types of chemical bonds and their chemical and physical characteristics.