What type of cereals does vegan people eat?

Answer Pretty much any kind of cereal that doesn't contain honey and/or refined sugar.You will almost never encounter a 'suitable for vegans' label even though something may in fact be perfectly suitable ... Read More »

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Anyone up for rating Cereals On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the Cereals from this list?

1.) Cheerios ~ 7 (I don't hate them, but I prefer quite a few different cereals over them. I love putting honey on my Cheerios!)2.) Special K ~ ? (I don't recall ever having eaten Special K.)3.) Fr... Read More »

What type of assistance does the Ryan White Act provide for people with AIDS?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS CARE Act, as it was originally called, is now called the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. It provides assistance to medical providers, agencies and health systems who, in turn, ... Read More »

As a newly committed vegan, what pastas or type of noodles should I avoid?

Any that are made with eggs. Some also might be made with a form of dairy: avoid those. And try to get pastas and noodles with as little ingredients as possible. Buy only whole wheat pasta and br... Read More »

What do you say if people ask you why your a vegetarian or a vegan?

Even MORE annoying, is when they go "omg, then what do you eat!" like dead flesh is the only thing that a person could eat.They seem sooo SHOCKED that someone could do that.I tell them "google it, ... Read More »