What type of cereals does vegan people eat?

Answer Pretty much any kind of cereal that doesn't contain honey and/or refined sugar.You will almost never encounter a 'suitable for vegans' label even though something may in fact be perfectly suitable ... Read More »

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Anyone up for rating Cereals On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the Cereals from this list?

1.) Cheerios ~ 7 (I don't hate them, but I prefer quite a few different cereals over them. I love putting honey on my Cheerios!)2.) Special K ~ ? (I don't recall ever having eaten Special K.)3.) Fr... Read More »

As a newly committed vegan, what pastas or type of noodles should I avoid?

Any that are made with eggs. Some also might be made with a form of dairy: avoid those. And try to get pastas and noodles with as little ingredients as possible. Buy only whole wheat pasta and br... Read More »

Why are people vegan?

I realize eggs you buy from the store aren't fertilized's kind of like taking an egg from your ovary and cooking it for breakfast. Disturbing? To me, yes. It's not really necessary for bak... Read More »

Why do people become vegan?

Honestly it makes no sense to me either. the only legitimate reason I see for someone being vegan is if they are like lactose intolerant and want to be a vegetarian as well. And it really makes no ... Read More »