What type of cell has no nucleus?

Answer Prokaryotes consist of bacteria and archaeans and feature cells that lack a membrane-bound nucleus or other internal organelles. The DNA of these organisms is localized to a particular region of th... Read More »

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Is the nucleus of an animal cell bigger than a plant cell?

The nucleus of a plant cell is larger than that of an animal cell as a plant cell nucleus contains one vacuole---a compound storage compartment or cavity---that is larger (nearly 90 percent volume ... Read More »

What organism has 1 cell but no nucleus?

Prokaryotic cells or prokaryotes do not have a nucleus. Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms (living things). They are the simplest and smallest living things and are found in water, air, soil a... Read More »

Is a nucleus in a plant or an animal cell?

While animal and plant cells differ in some ways, one of their similarities is that both have a nucleus, which contains chromosomes. A nuclear envelope, which separates the chromosomes from cytopla... Read More »

How do you describe the structure of the nucleus of a cell?

The nucleus of a cell is an organelle (specialized component within a cell) that is responsible for regulating gene expression. Its structure is intricate and multifunctional.SignificanceThe nucleu... Read More »