What type of cell has no nucleus?

Answer Prokaryotes consist of bacteria and archaeans and feature cells that lack a membrane-bound nucleus or other internal organelles. The DNA of these organisms is localized to a particular region of th... Read More »

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Is the nucleus of an animal cell bigger than a plant cell?

The nucleus of a plant cell is larger than that of an animal cell as a plant cell nucleus contains one vacuole---a compound storage compartment or cavity---that is larger (nearly 90 percent volume ... Read More »

How to Look Inside a Cell Nucleus?

A cell nucleus is the largest of the organelles, which means "little organs," that performs special tasks in the cell. The nucleus consists of chromosomes that possess information that controls al... Read More »

Does a bacterial cell have a nucleus?

Bacteria are prokaryotes, simple organisms that don't have a nucleus in their cells as more complex organisms do. Bacterial cells have a cytoplasm and a cell envelope, and sometimes have exterior a... Read More »

Does a root cell have a nucleus?

All root cells have nuclei at least at the beginning of their existence. But xylem cells lose their nuclei at maturity, according to “Biology: An Ecological Approach.” Xylem is water-conducting... Read More »