What type of car did Zack and Cody get from their dad on the suite life on deck it wasn't like a real car but u could drive it it was red and it looked really nice can you buy it in reality where?

Answer The cybersquad must climb a HUGE ladder on the skywall in order to stop hacker from his voice being brodcasted into cyberchase. I hope this helps you. It truly helped me! :)

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What is Zack and Cody's mom name in suite life on deck?

Are Zack and Cody on the Suite Life On Deck?

Yes They Are In Zack And Cody And Zack And Cody on Deck wich is 2.

What happen to Zack and Cody mom in the suite life on deck?

its when the twins go on the s.s tipton and kids stay there on there own and Zack and Cody go to school there and make new friends and girlfreinds and mom goes home and stays there without the boys

In the suite life on deck will Zack and Cody's mom be in the show?

Yeah she will'nt. If you`ve seen the commercials shes in it.