What type of camera is this I know it is a Canon, but what specific model?

Answer It's a Rebel XT/XTI……And i think that's a 10-22mm Wide-angle Lens on it.

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Is the canon fd 100-200mm f 5 point 6 zoom lens compatible with a canon xsi model camera?

With just the standard lens? Maybe as much as $40 if it's in pristine shape. They can be had on eBay for $20.

Can a Canon AE1 SLR model camera be converted to a digital model?

No. In 2001, a company called "Silicon Film" demonstrated a digital insert that would fit into the film chamber of most 35mm film cameras. Unfortunately, they had too many problems and the product ... Read More »

Which specific camera model would i need to take perfect pictures of scenery at night w/o the use of flash?

A DSLR such as the Sony A300 or Pentax K200D or Canon XTi or Nikon D40x will give you the best results since they have sensors that are as much as 15 times larger than the sensor in a digicam. A DS... Read More »

Which model is the best digital camera for travelerswhich is the best camera Sony or canon?

Canon is always best for photography teacher says. Although, I own a Sony. One of those thin ones (I forget what model)...and that sure is great for traveling! You can put it in ... Read More »