What type of camera does Anne Geddes use?

Answer I checked her website ( I couldn't find anything specific except that in one of her Q&As with a writer who asked if digital photography has changed things for her she said the f... Read More »

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What type of camera does shimmycocopuffsss use?

What type of camera does jerry uelsmann use?

Circa 2006, Jerry Uelsmann was using a Mamiya 7 and a Bronica GS1. He also used an older Bronica for studio shoots. Jerry Uelsmann prefers light equipment that uses roll film and is capable of prod... Read More »

What type of camera does the iPhone have?

The original iPhone and the iPhone 3G sport a 2.0-megapixel camera. The iPhone 3GS features an Omnivision 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and video capture capabilities. The iPhone 4 boasts 5.0... Read More »

What type of port does a digital camera hook to?

Most digital cameras are equipped to connect directly to a USB port although most of them also use some type of solid state memory card or stick to store digital images. The memory can be removed f... Read More »