What type of cable would I need to connect my printer to my laptop?

Answer Buy yourself another USB cable You need a USB A-B cable.One end (the smaller end) goes into the printer. Other end goes into a free USB port on your laptop.

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What type of cable connects a laptop to a printer?

The vast majority of laptops use USB 1.1 or USB 2 A to B cables to connect to printers. The A connector is rectangular in shape while the B connector is more square. Parallel printer cables have fa... Read More »

What type of cable is used to connect a laptop to a projector?

A VGA cable is necessary to connect a laptop to a projector. Connect one end to the laptop's external video port and the other to the "Computer In" port on the projector.References:"Meeting tomorro... Read More »

How do i connect my HP deskjet 1000 printer to my laptop if i dont have a usb cable ?

Can i connect my Laptop computer to television, what kind a wire or cable do i need ?

You need an s-video out or tv-out cable, depending on the port on your computer, and the port on your t.v.