What type of blank CD's do I need to burn photos?

Answer Any is good. CD-R is good for photos. However CD-R's are write only. Meaning that you cant go back and delete something or add something.CD-RW's are re writable, so you can go back to delete or add... Read More »

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What type of CD do you need to burn movies?

Typically, to burn movies onto a disk, you should use a DVD. DVDs can hold more video data and support higher-quality video than CDs, and they are compatible with both DVD players and computers. Ho... Read More »

What type of disc do I need to burn DVDs?

A DVD-R is the most common type of recordable DVD. It can be recognized by an estimated 90 percent of home DVD players. In addition to being the most recognizable recordable DVD format, the DVD-R i... Read More »

What Type of DVDs Do I Need to Burn Slideshows?

Modern computers make it increasingly simple to create digital slideshows of your favorite memories. DVD slideshow software is available from many companies, as well as being built into the latest ... Read More »

What type of DVD or CD do i need to burn a CD with movie and sound from my PC picture file?

The standard disc types for burning movies and sounds are CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. Each disc format has its own strengths and limitations. Since not every burner is compatible ... Read More »