What type of art did Picasso produce?

Answer Pablo Picasso's specialty was cubism. According to Sabine Rewald of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Picasso and French artist Georges Braque are credited with creating this style of art. Cubism is ... Read More »

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What type of power do refrigerators produce?

The U.S. Department of Energy advises that you can estimate the power consumption of a refrigerator by dividing the total number of hours a refrigerator is plugged in by three, because refrigerator... Read More »

What type of power does a battery produce?

Batteries produce voltage--otherwise known as electrical power. Batteries achieve this source of power by means of an internal chemical reaction between a positive electrolyte and a negative electr... Read More »

Which cellphone do (Type & company) produce less radiation?

mostly all mobile phones are harmful . but following details wil help you .. :) 10 best phones (lowest radiation)1.Samsung Impression (SGH-a877)2.Motorola RAZR V83.Samsung SGH-t2294.Samsung Rugby (... Read More »

Where did Picasso go to school?

According to, in 1895 Pablo Picasso entered the art academy La Llotja in Barcelona, Spain, where his father taught. He entered the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Spain in th... Read More »