What type of animals live in africa?

Answer One of the things Africa is most known for is its variety of wildlife. Most animals in Africa live near humans. With savannas and rain forests throughout the continent, many different types of anim... Read More »

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What kind of animals& plants live in Africa?

Africa has a multitude of natural wonders among its plants and animals. These lifeforms are perfectly adapted to the climates that they find themselves living in. The variety and wonder of life flo... Read More »

Animals That Live in the Temperate Grasslands of Africa?

Temperate grasslands are areas of land mainly consisting of grasses and shrubs where the climate is hot and the soil is fertile and rich with nutrients. Southern Africa has many wide open temperate... Read More »

What type of animals live in the rainforest?

Rainforests are heavily treed environments that have very high amounts of annual rainfall and are home to some fascinating creatures. Most of the world's rainforests are tropical, but small areas ... Read More »

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