What type of animals did Colonial New York raise?

Answer Domesticated animals raised in Colonial New York included oxen, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, fowl and horses. Colonists from the Netherlands and England brought animals commonly found in those count... Read More »

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Colonial New York?

Originally the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, New York had a vital role in the early history of the Americas. Its central location, both along the coast and between Canada and the Atlantic Coast, g... Read More »

How large was colonial New York?

Colonial New York was roughly the size of current downstate New York. This area included modern Long Island and the Tri-State area. The English province was called York Shire and was founded on New... Read More »

Who traded with colonial New York?

The Dutch West Indian Trading Company and four wealthy firms controlled the trade in colonial New York, then known as New Amsterdam. They traded in slaves, fur, spices, and sugar between the Nether... Read More »

What was the climate of Colonial New York?

Colonial New York had a temperate climate with warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Interestingly, the "Little Ice Age" occurred during the colonization period, which resulted in cooler tem... Read More »