What type of animal is an earthworm?

Answer Earthworms are segmented worms belonging to the Oligochaeta order of the phylum Annelida. Earthworms, as indicated by their name, dwell in soils where they feed on organic material and organisms li... Read More »

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What kind of animal is an earthworm?

An earthworm is an herbivorous decomposer. This is an animal that breaks down organic material as part of its digestion process. Scientifically an earthworm is classified as order Oligochaeta, clas... Read More »

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What type of animal is a lounge?

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What type of animal are the animaniacs?

Well the Short answer is, There the Warner Brothers, and the Warner sister. But the long answer is that they are a mix of cartoon characters, allot from the 30s, or more precisely, they are made u... Read More »