What type of alum is used for tanning deer hides?

Answer When a hunter brings down a deer he is proud of, he often wants to create a trophy of his kill. One way is to tan the hide of the animal; this is a process that will take a few days and will involv... Read More »

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How to Preserve Deer Hides?

Preserving deer and other animal hides has been a part of human culture for centuries. The American Indians tanned and preserved hides as far back as their traditions go; even today hunters and oth... Read More »

How to Make Some Cash in RuneScape Tanning Cow Hides?

This money making guide can be for free players and members in RuneScape.You will make more money if you have a lot of money! Work on woodcutting or mining to get more money.

Step-by-Step Process for the Soap-Tanning of Game Hides?

Tanning a hide is a method of preserving the pelt so it will not decompose over time, allowing it to be used in the construction of items such as clothing or blankets. Despite the name, tanning doe... Read More »

Deer Hide Tanning Information?

Deer hunting is a popular sport throughout the United States. An ancient, but still relevant, ethic among deer hunters is the idea that every part of the deer should be used so that nothing goes to... Read More »