What type of acid is used in automobile batteries?

Answer Automobile batteries--sometimes referred to as "SLI" batteries for "Starting, Lighting and Ignition"--use lead plates and sulfuric acid combined with water to help deliver current to the starter mo... Read More »

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What type of acid is used for a hot tub?

Sodium bisulphate, also known as dry acid, is used in hot tubs. It lowers the alkalinity in the hot tub's water. A high alkaline level in a hot tub can cause irritation to the eyes and skin as well... Read More »

What Causes Corrosion on Automobile Batteries?

Finding a good anti-aging skincare regimen is similar to any other type of skincare program. The main components include cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin every day to keep it healthy and... Read More »

What acid is used to acid stain concrete?

Concrete floors are acid stained with a mixture of water, metal salts and hydrochloric acid. The specific kind of metal salts added to the stain vary based on the stain color desired.Source:Finer L... Read More »

What acid is in car batteries?

Lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid that is watered down to help create a current of electricity. These batteries are able to generate 12 volts of electricity. Six lead cells inside the battery h... Read More »