What type of Pesticides do you need to use for sweet potato plants?

Answer Use the advanced search at Search "yam, true". and you will find over 100 pesticides specifically labeled for use. You can limit your search by entering the specific pest you wish to... Read More »

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Are sweet potato plants annual?

Sweet potatoes are perennials which are usually grown as annuals. These tropical plants can be grown from vine cuttings or from pieces of the root, according to the Encyclopedia of Food and Culture... Read More »

How to Start Sweet Potato Slips for Plants?

Growing sweet potatoes from slips is an easy project. Finding the right potato to use is the most challenging part of the process. Those purchased in the supermarket may have been treated and won't... Read More »

Japanese sweet potato vs regular sweet potato with orange flesh?

According to an article on, Japanese sweet potatoes and "American" sweet potatoes are similar, with Japanese sweet potatoes tasting sweeter. I found several articles that talk about... Read More »

Is there any difference between Sweet Potato Vine - Batata - with heart-shaped leaves and purple to black skin and the vine from the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato?

Answer Probably not. I have included two web links to help you make sure. See the related links below. There is also a vine called Potato Vine which is a member of the Solanum family and it is toxi... Read More »