What type of DVD can be played on 3d blu-ray player?

Answer Most can not because the only come with a DVD player writer

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What type od DVD can be played in a car DVD player?

No friend! If the batteries of the 3DTV glasses get damaged, they cannot be replaced but we need to purchase new set of glasses. But we do not have to face the problem of batteries or charging if w... Read More »

Are audio books best played on an Ipod MP3 player or MP4 player?

iPod and mp4 have the same quality. mp4s are better than mp3s.iPod and Mp4

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What NFL player has played in the most Super Bowls?

Defensive lineman Mike Lodish is the NFL player who has appeared in the most Super Bowls. Lodish played in two Super Bowls for the Denver Broncos and four with the Buffalo Bills.Source:UCLA Well Re... Read More »