What two countries are part of the peninsula that is locked west of japan?

Answer it will tell in the policy

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How many cars does Japan export to other countries?

Although an exact number is not available to the general public, information about exports to the United States can give an idea of how many Japanese cars are exported. According to, J... Read More »

Why is it wrong to dislike Japan yet OK to dislike other countries?

Probably a generation thing. My grandfather never had one good thing to say about the Japanese, this was solely because of their treatment of POW's. Beheadings and worse. He was probably cheerin... Read More »

I currently live in the northeast part of the U.S im looking to move to the west coast to trim and clip buds.?

Are you talking about weed? Because I live in California and the Fed's are like seriously cracking down medical card or not. That being said everyone is laying super low so if you don't know anyone... Read More »

Why is providing humanitarian aid to foreign countries a useful part of US foreign policy?

It depends on which President Roosevelt you are referring to, but here are the foreign policies of both of them.Theodore Roosevelt:One of the major issues during Roosevelt's time in office was the ... Read More »