What do the colors red orange yellow green blue and purple make?

Answer One could say these colors make a rainbow, though this would not be entirely correct. Rainbow colors cover a continuous spectrum. When rainbow colors are names separately, they are usually listed a... Read More »

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What colors go good with purple?

Colors That Match Purple in the Living Room?

You have decided to go with purple as a color in your living room. By any design guru's standards, that's a bold choice and will definitely make a statement. However, choosing your complementary co... Read More »

Do the colors deep teal&royal purple go together?

On One Hand: Color Matching and Personal TasteMatching colors either in your wardrobe or wall colors in your home can be subjective. Royal purple and deep teal are both rich colors, and when comb... Read More »

How do I Decorate With the Colors Purple, Green & Turquoise?

Home decorating is something just about anyone can do, and mixing shades of purple, green and turquoise makes the process even easier with the abundance of home decor available in those colors. Whe... Read More »