Before they were stars Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds both appeared on what game show twice and lost both times?

Answer dating game

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Do both of Steve Slaton's sons have the same mother?

As of July 2010, Steve Slaton has one son with long-time girlfriend Kimberly Sierra. Julian Xavier Slaton was born on November 30, 2006. Steve Slaton is an NFL running back for the Houston Texans.R... Read More »

What Were the Activities of the Sons of Liberty?

The Sons of Liberty was formed in 1765 to oppose the Stamp Act. Its activities became the foundation for the movement toward American independence. Paul Revere, who later brought word of the Britis... Read More »

My husband is verbally abusive to both me and my teenage sons children are rebelling should you leave?

No one can tell you what to do with your life but you should not be putting up with any type of abuse at all and for your safety as well as your children it would be in your best interest to get ou... Read More »

How many presidents appear on both a U.S. currency note and coin?

George Washington appears on both the quarter and the $1 bill, Abraham Lincoln appears on both the penny and the $5 bill, and Thomas Jefferson appears on both the nickel and the $2 bill.References:... Read More »