How to Tell the Difference Between Planets and Stars?

Answer Astronomy can be confusing! There's so much jargon involved, and it can be very difficult to tell things apart, both visually and verbally. However, there are telltale signs that seperate stars fro... Read More »

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What Are Three Other Stars in the Extrasolar Planets?

Planets are difficult to detect, but astronomers use a variety of clever techniques to find extrasolar planets, which are planets orbiting faraway stars. By studying the wavelength of light they re... Read More »

How Did Ancient People Use the Stars and Planets?

The stars in the night sky have fascinated individuals in many different cultures for thousands of years. Long before astrologists fully understood the difference between stars and planets, ancient... Read More »

Relationship Between Gravity & the Mass of the Planets or Stars?

The more massive a planet or star is, the stronger the gravitational force it exerts. It is this force that allows a planet or star to hold other objects in their orbit. This is summed up in Isaac ... Read More »

How do you access all NASA satellites to look at the planets and stars in motion?