GUYS; What turns you on in the bedroom?

Answer I like to warm up with a intriguing quest in Runescape, then after that I enjoy watching some NASCAR with a cold budlight.. then after that I enjoy some Keeping up with the Kardashians, I perfer my... Read More »

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GUYS: What kind of car attracts you the most?

as long as it doesn't outperform whatever car i have.but convertible.current Gf wants a lambo and i want a r34GTR and that would be fine.but if she had a ferrari and i was stuck with my current car... Read More »

What age do most guys get their period?

well im 15 and my 17 year old brother got his period when he was 14 but dont worry your just a late bloomer you will get yours prob in a year max. just make sure ur to tell ur mum to buy u some pad... Read More »

What hairstyle do guys like the most?

Wearing it down. Some women have very beautiful hair that it's way better to keep it down :)

What do girls like most about guys =O?

hair, eyes, lips, body, smile/teeth, PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha