What tumblr url should I pick Your input is appreciated!!?

Answer I like palm-wood better than n-atural water.

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Which tv out of plasma and lcd is the best and why, and any other input/info/help is most appreciated-thanks L?

I have a 42" plasma tv and a 32" LCD tv. The plasma one can be viewed from almost any angle, good for my very long narrow room. I agree the LCD has a better overall picture defintion (might be 'c... Read More »

GIRL PROBLEM! any input is appreciated!?

Maybe she needs a break. You may be too clingy or maybe she is hanging out with some girlfriends at the mall. Dont expect the worst. She may also be getting in trouble for the phone bill ;) Sometim... Read More »

Tumblr theme/html help, please It would be greatly appreciated.?

Go to customize and on the big bar thing on the left with all the options keeps scrolling through until you find show post captions. Click the little box so it has a check mark then save changes

Pick a good tumblr name?

Basic Barbie B*tch out of those three..then Classic Barbie B*tch or 'Timeless Barbie B*tch' Like you're always gonna be one :)