What tubes in the plant's stem transport water?

Answer The xylem tubes transport the water (:

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How do plants transport water from their roots to their leaves?

The plants have internal tubes called xylem that facilitate this process. Inside the xylem, there is water. This water stretches directly from the roots to the leaves. When the water molecules are ... Read More »

Transport Systems in Animals & Plants?

Plants and animals both have transport systems. Despite their large difference in structure, the function of the transport systems remains the same. Transport systems are designed to move nutrients... Read More »

Purple Flowering Square Stem Plants?

Square stems and opposite leaves are defining characteristics of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae or Labiatae, which includes all mints, almost all culinary herbs, many medicinal herbs, fragran... Read More »

What best explains how stems transport water to other parts of the plant?

when a plant takes up water from the roots the water and nutrients go into the xylem and go up the stem by both adhesion and cohesion to get to the leaves. the leaves of the plant use transpiration... Read More »