What are the names of the siblings of Geronimo stilton?

Answer Thea his sister.

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What tribe did squanto belong to?

Squanto, originally named Tisquantum, was born in Patuxet, which is now modern day Plymouth. He was a member of the Wampanoag, which as a confederation of tribes. This confederation of tribes was l... Read More »

What tribe invented the dreamcatcher?

The Ojibwe--or Chippewa--tribe of the Great Lakes region is the inventor of the dreamcatcher. Traditionally, sinew strands are tied in a web pattern in a tear-shaped or round frame to form the drea... Read More »

What tribe did Pocahontas belong to?

Pocahontas was a member of the Powhatans, one of the Algonquian tribes. Born around 1595, she was the daughter of Powhatan, chief of the Powhatan confederacy of tribes. Pocahontas died in Gravesend... Read More »

What tribe was Sacagawea from?

According to the Library of Congress, Sacagawea came from the Agaidika tribe of the Idaho Shoshone. She was kidnapped by some Hidatsa Indians who took her to North Dakota, where Lewis and Clark met... Read More »