What tree has large white flowers?

Answer Cherry treesMAGNOLIAS

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What tree has large white pink flowers in spring?

What tree produces large white flowers that turn pink?

There are two types of trees that produce large white flowers that turn pink. The Oakleaf hydrangea tree (Hydrangea quercifolia) has large white flowers that bloom at the end of June, and then tur... Read More »

What Tree or shrub has large fragrant white or yellow flowers starting with G?

Perhaps you're thinking of a Gardenia? They have very fragrant white blooms. I've never seen one with yellow blooms though.

What plant has large white flowers?

AnswerIt possibly could be one of the many dahlia species. They can occur in many forms including the size you mentioned on the discussion page. Take a look at the web link on the left to see if i... Read More »