What tree grows orange bell flowers in Canada?

Answer According to, the Mock Orange shrub has orange, fragrant flowers that are bell shaped and appear in the Spring. This shrub grows to about ten feet, is common in the United States and ca... Read More »

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What type of orange tree grows the fastest?

Navel orange trees are the fastest growing, maturing in as little as two or three years, while the average maturity time for most orange trees is seven to eight years.References:Navel Oranges

What vine grows fruits and flowers?

The passion fruit grows on a vine and has flowers. As well as Kiwi and Grapes.

What country grows the most flowers?

The International Labor Organization reports that the world's top producer of flowers is Holland. Figures from the flower auctions held in Holland show that the Dutch flower market accounts for bet... Read More »

What fruit grows on a fig tree?

The fruit of the fig tree is the fig. A fig fruit has a tough green peel with a white interior rind holding the edible seed mass. Figs are used in jams, jellies, desserts and as the sweet filling i... Read More »