What tree does the tree squirrel live in?

Answer A tree that offers ready, safe access to food and that includes safe, comfortable living conditions for setting up a home is what tree squirrels [Sciuridae family] look for. In terms of food, tree... Read More »

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What early 70's kid show had a guy with dark hair walking through a park and then reaching the giant tree The tree has a bird squirrel and maybe more Anyone remember and name this show?

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In kindergarten my teacher would show us videos of a woman who knew about words. She Her house was inside a tree and her best friend was a squirrel It was live action not a cartoon Know the name?

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Live Oak Tree Vs. Laurel Oak Tree?

Live oak and laurel oak trees are similar in appearance and can be easily confused with one another. The leaves of both trees lack the lobed shape common to oak trees and are dark green and shiny o... Read More »

I have this big ugly squirrel in my yard that will not quit picking the fruit off of my tree, how do I get rid?

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