What tree does the tangerine come from?

Answer A tangerine comes from a tangerine tree. A citrus fruit, a tangerine has many varieties including the Clementine, tangelo, mandarin orange and temple. The skin of a tangerine is loose and easy to p... Read More »

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What is the name for the fruit of a hybrid tangerine tree&grapefruit tree?

The fruit of a hybrid tangerine tree and grapefruit tree is called a tangelo. There are many different varieties of tangelos, including the Orlando and Minneola. Their taste, color, and size depend... Read More »

What tree does wicker come from?

The Asian rattan vine is one of the more common materials used to make wicker items. "Wicker" itself is a type of weave, rather than an actual wood. Any vine or flexible wood woven in this manner c... Read More »

What tree does box wood come from?

Boxwood comes from boxwood trees. These shrubby, dense and hardy evergreens belong to the horticultural genus Buxus. There are about 90 known species, and more than 150 different ways to cultivate ... Read More »

What tree does the bay leaf come from?

The bay leaf comes from the ancient Mediterranean bay laurel tree. This tree has been cultivated since history has been recorded. Bay leaves are often used in marinara sauces. Bay leaves have a str... Read More »