What tree does the bay leaf come from?

Answer The bay leaf comes from the ancient Mediterranean bay laurel tree. This tree has been cultivated since history has been recorded. Bay leaves are often used in marinara sauces. Bay leaves have a str... Read More »

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What part of the tree does a bay leaf come from?

What part of the tree does a bay LEAF come from? I think you answered your own question.

What tree does the tangerine come from?

A tangerine comes from a tangerine tree. A citrus fruit, a tangerine has many varieties including the Clementine, tangelo, mandarin orange and temple. The skin of a tangerine is loose and easy to p... Read More »

What tree does basswood come from?

Basswood comes from the basswood tree, a large deciduous tree also known as the American linden, native throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. Often called a "lime" tree in the United Kingdom... Read More »

What tree does boxwood come from?

Boxwood comes from the boxwood tree, which is actually an evergreen shrub. During the winter months, the boxwood remains green and then flowers in the spring. Boxwood is often used to decorate home... Read More »