What treatment is needed for brown spot in plum trees?

Answer Brown spot can be a name for several diseases. The Web Link 'Diseases' will help to ascertain which it is exactly. Usually, it is a name for bacterial spot. If so, check the second link 'Bacterial ... Read More »

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In which soil do rice trees and plum trees grow?

The rice plant, which is not a tree but actually a grass, grows best in soil that is tilled and sprinkled with fertilizer such as manure. Plum trees, on the other hand, require soil that is well dr... Read More »

My father age 64, brown,white spot in hand,and foot,what i do,nd how to remove spot?

You don't. They are probably age spots caused by pigmentation in the skin. Have a doctor look at them soon - some of these spots can be cancerous or precancerous.

How to Feed Plum Trees?

In the United States, plum trees are typically one of three varieties, the European, Oriental and the Native American, according to the Walter Reeves website. Oriental plums are the best tasting fo... Read More »

When do you prune plum trees?

To promote healthy growth of your plum tree for the following season, prune 20 percent of the former year's growth in the dormant winter season. This is also the time to prune away any diseased or ... Read More »