What treatment and progress is there for the mentally retarded?

Answer it doesnt effect you in a bad way and they havent found any defects in babies yet but if your unsure and uneasy about that then you should trust your gut instinct and dont.

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How has treatment of mentally retarded people changed over the years?

They shared a common ancestor recently in evolutionary time.

What are suitable activities for mentally retarded children?

Why not discuss this issue with your school guidance counselor or other trusted adult? Also, give some thought to whether or not you really hate people with disabilities, and why. You may discover ... Read More »

What is an individual who is both mentally retarded and yet extremely talented in some domain?

Girls are mentally retarded on facebook?

LMAO. You shouldn't put your trust in humanity with people online, especially Facebook. Typical photo upload:*Uploads picture of herself posing in mirror with hand on hip and tilted head* "No makeu... Read More »