What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

Answer NONE! They are the best of the best!

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What is the training needed to be a navy seal?

You must be a current active member of the US Navy and pass a series of difficult physical tests in order to be considered eligable to volunteer for the Navy SEALs and start SEAL training. No speci... Read More »

What to do after DOR from Navy SEAL training?

It depends on how far you've advanced in training, and what your Navy rate is; DOR's (Drop On Request) can be initiated by the candidate at any time during BUD/S training; not everyone who successf... Read More »

What is navy seal drown proofing training?

All navy seals learn to swim with their hands tied behind their backs and ancles tied together. This a must pass evolution. It was easy for me, but not so for a few of the guys. You talk about hila... Read More »

How long is navy seal training?

SEAL training consists of five weeks of indoctrination/pre-training, followed by a three-phased program. Phase one is eight weeks of basic conditioning. Phase two is an eight-week diving school fol... Read More »