What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

Answer NONE! They are the best of the best!

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Where is the Navy SEAL training?

Navy SEALs train at a facility called the Naval Special Warfare Center. It is located in Coronado, California, in the San Diego Bay Area. Interestingly, they do many of their physical workouts in a... Read More »

What to do after DOR from Navy SEAL training?

It depends on how far you've advanced in training, and what your Navy rate is; DOR's (Drop On Request) can be initiated by the candidate at any time during BUD/S training; not everyone who successf... Read More »

What is the training needed to be a navy seal?

You must be a current active member of the US Navy and pass a series of difficult physical tests in order to be considered eligable to volunteer for the Navy SEALs and start SEAL training. No speci... Read More »

Navy Seal Underwater Training?

Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) underwater training is the second of three phases of initial SEAL training. It focuses on turning SEAL candidates into combat swimmers. The training is intense, and it is... Read More »