Why are Brown University degrees written in Latin?

Answer Brown University diplomas are written in Latin instead of English as a nod to a the school's long history and the influence of classical learning. Latin was once the language of the learned classes... Read More »

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Does Brown University have an ROTC program?

Brown University Summer Programs for High School Kids?

Each summer, Brown University offers high school students the chance to experience college life at an Ivy League school, whether for a week, a month or more. Most of these summer programs offer bot... Read More »

What color makeup matches brown hair&brown eyes?

On One Hand: Darker SkinIf you have a warmer skin tone, along with brown hair and brown eyes, warm reds, burnished browns and earthy tones tend to complement your features best. Consider putting a ... Read More »

I'm almost 15, I have brown hair, dark brown eyes, what eyeshadow colors should I use?

Browns, beige and neutral tans. Gray's and charcoals look good with this eye color, as do violet and lavender. You can mix it up with a lavender and a violet.Khaki and olive green are a great color... Read More »