What is the highest elevation in Westborough, MA?

Answer Westborough is a small town in Massachusetts that is located approximately 29 miles west of Boston. The highest elevation in Westborough, Massachusetts, is Fay Mountain. Fay Mountain is 707 feet ab... Read More »

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Which capital city has the highest elevation?

La Paz, Bolivia, is the capital city at the highest elevation in the world, with an altitude of about 12,000 feet. La Paz has served Bolivia as its administrative capital since 1898. Bolivia also h... Read More »

What town in Oregon has a life-size cuckoo clock?

Mt. Angel, Oregon, is home to the glockenspiel tower that sits in the center of downtown. The clock tower stands 49 feet tall. Four times a day, life-size figurines put on a show that, at times, st... Read More »

What was the highest wind speed ever recorded in Portland, Oregon?

October 12, 1962 was the windiest day on record in Portland, Oregon. The Columbus Day storm produced frequent 88 mph wind gusts and an estimated peak wind gust of 104 mph at the Portland Airport. A... Read More »

My blueprints show my ceiling elevation at 102.69' and floor elevation at 92.19' what does that mean?

The elevation measurements are relative to a common reference point. The blueprints should also indicate what that reference point is. It could be a surveyor's post somewhere on the lot. But if y... Read More »