What topics should be written about for children between 14-16?

Answer Relationships, coping with difficult friendships, action-fantasy, love.14-16 year olds are like anyone else in that they will enjoy reading something if it is well-written, engaging, and has comple... Read More »

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What should special needs children be told about their disability?

Depending on their level of functionality, explain as much as you can. These children need to learn coping skills. The first step to that is awareness. If they can self-regulate their symptoms, the... Read More »

What should all parents know about ensuring health and safety for their children?

Well first of all they should know what is good for their kids; healthy eating and exercise. They should also be able to identify common infections. Oh and what moles/ freckles need checking for sk... Read More »

How long one should worry about their Children?

You will always worry about them. Even when they are off spreading their wings and making their own lives, you can't help but worry. When you have children you begin worrying before they are even b... Read More »

Should we be more concerned about children editors on Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, the Wikimedia Foundation is in an ethically compromised situation. They live by this tenet that "Wikipedia is not censored" and likewise that editors and even administrators have a ... Read More »