What tools are needed for astronauts?

Answer The first 3 manned NASA missions were part of the Mercury program. The first two flights were suborbital flights (they did not go into orbit) and the astronaunts (Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom) were... Read More »

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What Tools Are Needed for a Brake Job?

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Tools Needed for an Oil Change?

For most vehicle models, replacing the engine oil requires minimal tools, which you may find at your local auto parts store. These are common tools, but they may be the most important tools you own... Read More »

Tools Needed to Paint a Car?

There are many tools necessary to paint a car. Most tools are necessary for the prep stages--you will inevitably spend up to 70 percent of your time on prep work, as that is the most important stag... Read More »

Tools Needed for Roofing?

Tools that are required for roofing jobs include many items that can be found in the average home toolbox or workshop. Only a few pieces of equipment are needed for working on your roof that that a... Read More »