What tool is used to measure weight?

Answer The scale is a tool used for measuring weight. Scales come in several shapes, sizes and varieties, but all types serve the same purpose. Scales for weighing can be found in homes, doctors' offices,... Read More »

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What Tool Is Used To Measure Force?

The tool used to measure force is a dynamometer. A dynamometer measures mechanical force, speed or power. Dynamometers are typically used to calculate the output of engine power and to reproduce a ... Read More »

What tool is used to measure capacity?

Many tools can be used to measure capacity, including graduated cylinders, measuring cups, eye droppers and beakers. Capacity also measures in various units, such as gallons, cups, liters and milli... Read More »

What tool would you use to measure mass?

To measure mass, a tool such as a triple beam balance should be used. A triple beam balance uses a known mass for comparison, and is therefore not influenced by gravity.Source:How to Find the Mass ... Read More »

What tool is used to measure length?

Rulers are commonly used to measure things that are under 12 inches or 30 centimeters. Tape measures, yard sticks, and meter sticks are use to measure longer distances. A measuring wheel is used to... Read More »