Water Sleepover Pranks & How to Use Them?

Answer Sleepovers are a time when friends get together and spend the night at each others' homes. There are many things traditionally done at sleepovers, such as pillow fights, scary stories and pranks. W... Read More »

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What are pranks to play on your older brother?

You can plan whatever prank on your brother that you would want your brother to play on you. If you give it, be prepared to take it. you can take his shampoo and put your body spray and your shampo... Read More »

How to Play Pranks With Windows?

This will set up pranks for when a Windows user logs on to the user account. Prank 1: Logon error Prank 2: Inactive Desktop

How to Play the Best Pranks on April 1?

What only happens once a year and you normally don't see it coming? April Fool's Day! Here are some suggestions for how to play a few pranks on unsuspecting friends.

How to Play Pranks on Your Teachers?

Have you ever wanted to get your own back on that really annoying teacher who always seems to pick on you? Well now you can and get away with it, just read on!!