What to you is the iconic Filipino food on rainy days?

Answer limpias (sp)

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Are lamb cutlets an iconic Australian food?

Lamb cutlets aren't an iconic Australian food. Australian foods considered to be iconic are hot potato chips, hamburgers topped with a fried egg, tomato and pineapple, and Vegemite. Sam Kekovich, a... Read More »

What is your favorite rainy day food?

I Love you Chicken Stew1 Pkg of Boneless Chicken (1 breast, 4 thighs)2 Chicken Bullion Cubes2 stalks Celery1 onion1 Pkg little carrots6 potatoes1 can Green Beans1 can Cream of chicken soupSalt and ... Read More »

What Filipino food to eat when on a diet?

wow thats a really tough question and a question indeed asked by many filipinos. Hmmn first of all you really would have to mind the food your eating, if your concern about filipino foods, be very ... Read More »

How to See the Bright Side of Rainy Days?

Have you ever had a day when you want to go outside but it pours about 4 inches of rain? Here are some ways to make your rainy day a good one!