What to you do if your IPod touch gets stolen?

Answer File a police report.

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I have stolen an iPod touch. What should I do with it?

If he's your friend, why would you steal it from him?? That doesn't make any sense! I would give it back to him because you said yourself that you ARE his friend. But if you don't like this person,... Read More »

Ipod touch got stolen :( what do i do?

being the victim of a crime SUCKS, and whats worse is the lack of help you'll receive from teachers and don't waste your time calling the police, because they will do nothing. your best bet is to j... Read More »

My ipod touch has been stolen! what should i do?

yeah, that was theft, if it was in a locked cuboard it was a burglary i believe, report it to the police and take along any reference numbers or serial numbers etc for your ipod and other things ta... Read More »

Can you track a stolen ipod touch?

if you have the "find my iphone" app activated, and as long as the ipod is connected to internet, yes