What to use to reseal laminate floors?

Answer Laminate floors are made with a plastic or polymer based material. If you speak of the finish of the laminate itself, it cannot be resealed. The surface itself is nonporous, making it impossible to... Read More »

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How to Reseal Hardwood Floors?

From time to time, a hardwood floor will have to be resealed and refinished to ensure proper protection. You can do this yourself instead of spending the money to hire outside help, but it is a lon... Read More »

How often should you reseal travertine tile floors?

Depends on cleaning methods used after sealing. Strong cleaners may strip sealer or weaken them. You can test to see if the sealer is working by opening a bottle of water, fill the cap with some of... Read More »

Are laminate floors also called hardwood floors?

On One Hand: They're Not the SameLaminate floors are not called hardwood floors by retailers or manufacturers. Laminate floors are a synthetic flooring made to resemble real hardwood. They are not ... Read More »

Are sealed hardwood floors&laminate floors the same?

Sealed hardwood floors and laminate floors are not the same. Sealed hardwood is genuine hardwood that has been sealed to protect it against damage. Although laminate floors look like real wood, the... Read More »