What to use instead of milk in coffee?

Answer You can slowly decrease the amount of milk you put into your coffee until your using none. Also check the ingredients in the product called Silk.

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Can we make milk coffee in coffee maker or only black coffee?

Hello joyous,Normally,the milk is heated to boiling temperatures inside the coffee maker. This will cause many problems-the milk could coagulate and clog the coffee maker. Also, the milk residue wi... Read More »

Can you use soy milk instead of milk to make pancakes?

Soy milk is an acceptable alternative to dairy milk in a pancake recipe. Use the same measurement, as requested in the recipe for regular dairy milk. Use flavored soy milks--such as vanilla--for ad... Read More »

How to Make a Coffee Milkshake With Just Coffee and Milk?

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What can l drink instead of coffee?

Flavoured water ...I started drinking those recently and have less headaches now