What to use for dry&cracked paws?

Answer On One Hand: Let Your Vet Determine the CauseDog paws are typically dry so the paw can function properly, allowing the dog traction and the ability to stop and start quickly. It's important to dete... Read More »

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Why is my dog licking her paws?

Chronic paw-licking is a common complaint in dog owners. What's worse, this minor nuisance can escalate into a persistent habit. However, there may be a medical issue to explain why your dog is lic... Read More »

Why does my dog bite his paws?

Dogs may bite or lick their paws to soothe an injury or relieve irritation. But if biting persists after the dog's injury or irritation has healed, it could be a behavioral disorder.InjuryDog saliv... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat to Lick Its Paws?

This is how you get your cat to lick their paws. They should look cute when they're doing it.

How to Care for a Cat's Paws?

We love our pets, and our job and wish is to take great care for them! Even the details, that we might not thing of at times, like their paws... But if you read these steps, you will be well prepar... Read More »