What to say during sex Uhm...?

Answer Does communicating in certain ways get people more excited? definitely. Often people will use phrases during sex that make them seem more dominant in the relationship (giving commands, types of rol... Read More »

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What president was shot down as an air force pilot during world war 2 and served as Chairman of the CIA during the 1960s and 1970s?

What if the baby's heart beat is seen during the 3rd month and stopped during the 4th month?

Answer Unfortunatly that would mean that the baby has died.~pawsalmighty

What is the instrumental Garage Band type song or tune that was played during the in-game stats like the starting offense or defense on Monday Night Football on ESPN during the 2009 season?

Jerry Punch - a certified doctor - revived Rusty Wallace in 1988 after a vicious tumble left Wallace unconscious and not breathing.

What song has been playing on ESPN monday night football and all of espns college football broadcasts and it was ued during the 08 season before each commercial break during the Bucs and Panthers game?

ESPN is constantly looking for talented people. Simply check their website for the open positions and locations currently available.